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Feb. 5th, 2012 12:12 am
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And therefore mostly self-introduction.

Hello anyone who might be reading! (Meaning, most likely, hello future self who will someday look back and go, 'wow I was an idiot in college'!) I am in college. Usually I am in college in Boston, but for the time being, I am at college in Japan. This makes sense, considering I'm majoring in Japanese Language and Literature. Please don't ask me what I'm doing post-graduation, or what I plan to do with my degree--the future is a scary thing!

As a literature major, it should be pretty obvious that I like to read. I read all the things. Particularly I like to read fiction and the internet. Fantasy novels are wonderful things, as is fanfiction; they are my things I go to when I need to make myself happier with the world. I lurk at various blogs regularly, often with general themes focusing around feminism and body acceptance, but sometimes just because I like the writer. I also have a strong interest in people; I like to talk about how different people perceive the same event, how we experience different emotions, what a given word means to each of us, why we do the things we do, all the things like that. I think it's really fascinating how many different motivations each of us seems to juggle, and how we choose to act on those motivations.

In terms of political views, I generally approve of creating a society that everyone can live in peacefully; to me, this means that we need to have support for people who are struggling (I support things like welfare and universal health care and attempts at equality), but that beyond that the government should avoid meddling in people's lives (basically, the principle is 'You can do anything you want right up until it starts hurting other people, and then we need to look at it more closely'). I am both an idealist and a cynic, somehow managing to juggle the seemingly contradictory beliefs that most people are innately good and that people suck and are willing to screw each other over to get what they want; I think this is managed through a careful juggling of truths, in which I tend to acknowledge mostly what's relevant to the mindset I'm in at the given moment.

I do not consider myself particularly religious, because I don't feel that I belong to any particular religious organization or community. I celebrate Christmas with my family because it's a family tradition and a very culturally loaded event for me (for instance, Christmas music makes me feel like everything is right with the universe and world peace is an achievable goal), not because I particularly believe that Jesus being born is a thing I should care about. I do consider myself spiritual, though; I have very strong faith in the things I believe in, it's just that I believe in things in a very personal sort of way, which doesn't fit with any religion I've found yet.

I love cats in particular and animals in general. I like being near large bodies of water, especially oceans. I like pine forests. I get cold far too easily for someone who grew up in a place where -40 windchills are a yearly normal thing. I am easily amused by things, such as the fact that -40 is the same in both Farenheit and Celcius. Sometimes I am childish, sometimes I am childlike, sometimes (rarely) I act like an adult and do all the responsible things. My life goals include an apartment with a cat and a room for sewing in. I like to sew, by the way, both clothing and costumes. My current goal is learning to make pants that actually fit my hips.

I am making this account mostly because up until now, I've been using Livejournal, but I'm hearing rumors about that which make me a little nervous, and I figure better safe than sorry. I normally use my Livejournal to actually talk relatively openly and honestly. Normally I'm a very private person, and though I'm a terrible liar and hence a very honest person, I'm also very good at twisting truth into the shapes that I'd prefer it to be in; writing in a place where few people can actually identify me helps me to state things more directly, talk about things that I'd rather avoid, and tell those couple people what's really going on in my head (or at least a closer approximation than I can feel comfortable admitting to aloud). So it's important to me to have a backup if LJ does get to a point where I feel it's become unusable for me.

Also this allows me to follow my favorite fanfic authors, many of whom are migrating. So if nothing else, I will lurk! :D


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